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What is face primer?

Posted on June 30 2017

What is face primer?
Face primer is the most important start to any makeup routine. Without face primer your makeup can start to slip and wear off quickly. It also holds and blends pigments in foundation and eye shadow, so you can create a blended flawless look.

It may seem too much to add another product into your daily routine, but by using face primer you won’t need to reapply your makeup at lunch or be conscious of your eye makeup moving downwards for that important meeting.

Start with a 5p to 10p piece amount on a big synthetic blender brush (plastic foundation brush) or we call it a big badger at Littlelab.

Working from the centre of your face, blend outwards making sure all areas are covered. This should only take seconds!

Then you're done.

Of course we stock several face primers on our online shop. If you have any more questions on please get in contact.

Happy blending from Littlelab

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