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CLEANSING NECTAR is a botanically-rich and nutrient-dense washless cleanser/toner ideal for gentle exfoliation, drawing of impurities and optimal pH maintenance for overall skin health and appearance.


+ lavender hydrosol’s calming, cleansing and soothing attributes are especially beneficial to combination, sun-damaged and challenged skin.

salt of the Dead Sea, raw organic active manuka honey and raw organic apple cider vinegar are rich in nutrients and enzymes, with naturally drawing and exfoliating attributes to cleanse, tone, and polish.

long revered for its soothing and reparative effects, cooling aloe soothes while providing antibacterial benefit.

willow bark contains salicylic acid; a natural exfoliant present in most acne treatments because of its ability to clarify pores and shed dead skin cells.

named for its tendency to bloom every new moon, with the calendar; calendula has exceptional healing qualities for damaged skin.

used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, ginkgo biloba helps to increase circulation for improved nutrient delivery and detox.

teeming with countless potentially healing substances, licorice is highly esteemed for its soothing effects on inflamed membranes; reducing redness and irritation.

green tea provides exception antioxidants and nutrients to help fortify skin and encourage youthful glow.

a blend of pure essential oils helps to further soothe, brighten, balance and stimulate skin regeneration.

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