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This modern makeup course is a great starter to a new career path to becoming a professional makeup artist.LittleLAB Focuses on modern techniques that work, using fresh and modern professional brands.

We focus on advanced airbrushing techniques, soft blending and working at speed. LittleLAB provides you with the framework you need to becoming a modern makeup artist. It's a competitive market, so techniques, presentation and working your kit are vital skills you need to stand out. LittleLAB artists have a proven track record of artistry and working in the industry.

Come and join the LittleLAB journey of makeup artistry.



What is it like training at Littlelab?

Jennifer - It was great! Katherine was brilliant with me as I am a complete novice. The training room was lovely and we used really modern products on several different models!

Misha - I loved the experience and Katherine was a great teacher with real experience.

What was your aim with the course?

Jennifer - My aim was to get confident using makeup and in particular the airbrush. I wanted to start doing wedding make up and prom make up etc which at the time I didn't do and was not at all confident with.

Misha- To do wonderful make up for high end events and also family and friends in Iran.

Did you learn what you needed?

Jennifer - Absolutely, I have been very busy with my own business but I have been able to retain the information and the techniques we learned and have done my first few makeup trials and booked both straight in :)

Misha - Yes the class was very good and useful for me. After the class I can now do professional makeup and don’t need to go to a salon anymore.

Because Littlelab training focuses on modern beauty, do you think your works stands out more with air-brushing?

Jennifer - Definitely, one of the things I have found hard was keeping up with today's make up and how modern it has become. The airbrush helps give flawless skin every time and I always get compliments on my makeup.

Misha - I loved being a part of a new style of makeup and it was so modern course and fresh.



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