Virtual Makeup Workshop (50mins)



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Virtual Workshop - (done via Skype, Facetime or Video Whatsapp) 

The perfect at-home tutorial in real-time with a real makeup artist, talking you through, real techniques you can really achieve.

Tried and tested makeup workshops with LittleLAB having taught over 4000 women the art of how to wear makeup naturally.

Still covering up dark circles and achieving a simple day look to build your skills with.
Our award-winning courses are designed for those who are intimidated by the industry’s counter girls and really want true advice that relates to their skin and age.
A confidence-boosting course, this one on one is all about finding a new look that suits you for a busy lifestyle that takes no longer than 5 minutes.

With 100% success rate of applying this is a truly unique course that offers something different to the high street.

Using your own products so we can take a look at your existing routine, we only use our professional products in the sessions as they work well and these are available for purchase. If you do buy products, we give a free 10-minute booster session to support. 

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