Pro School

Introduction to our Pro Courses

This modern makeup course is a great starter to a new career path to becoming a professional makeup artist.

LittleLAB Focuses on modern techniques that work with forward thinking professional brands.

Focused on advanced airbrushing techniques, soft blending and working at speed.

LittleLAB provides you with the framework you need to becoming a modern makeup artist.

It's a competitive market, so techniques, presentation and working your kit are vital skills you need to stand out.

LittleLAB artists have a proven track record of artistry and working in the industry.


Start with module one or combine one and two to advance your skills and taking a step closer to becoming a pro. Module 3 is for those seeking an intensive course to get to professional standards in just 4 weeks.


Module one: 5 days


How to works a kit


Understand different skin tone types

Product formulations and what works best for different skins.

Preparation face and body

Eye Blending Techniques

Cheeks and facial structure

Lip shapes and colours

Eyebrows how to shape and change

The perfect base

Introduction to airbrushing


Module two: 7 days


Sculpting the body and face

Advanced airbrush

Airbrush formulations

Airbrush contouring and tan

Event and Bridal makeup

Marketing yourself as a pro


Module three: 7 days


Advanced Airbrushing using 3 different application methods

Set time ready makeup in 15 minutes

Introduction to hair grooming

Fashion makeup

Guest Fashion makeup artist talk