Mother and Daughter - Makeup Workshop In Clean - Healthy skin - 90 minutes £65 per person



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Parent (Guardian) and Child (over 13 years): A Lesson in Clean, Healthy Skin -

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost: £65 per person
  • What You'll Learn:
    • The basics of a daily skincare routine
    • Tips for maintaining healthy skin at any age
    • How to choose the right products for different skin types
    • Hands-on demonstrations and personalised advice

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to bond while learning valuable skin care techniques that will last a lifetime.

Book your session today and start your journey to radiant, healthy skin together!


You will need to sign a form to say you are the guardian of the child, and they are over 13 years old; you will be together in the lesson due to health and safety.

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