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Nudity – The one that keeps your sheets clean

Transparent Tanning has multi benefits including, reduced transfer, no more blocked pores for a healthier complexion, mess free application and a lower development odour. into a deep golden tan.

One layer will deliver a glowing holiday tanned colour, 2 layers for a deeper colour.

This super product can be used as a primer under any tanning foam to prevent the ‘black dot effect’. The double layer of DHA will also encourage a deeper ultra dark finish. Pair with our bespoke tanning brush and apply as a face tan for a full coverage, blackhead free tan. All our tanning products are infused with elfamoist an intense moisturising ingredient,which helps the developing tan to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skins top layer, resulting in a darker, longer lasting tan with a more natural fade out. Manufactured in the UK, proud to be is paraben & cruelty free, vegan friendly. Development Time: 6 – 8 Hours

HOW TO APPLY Using A Tanning Mitt Apply A Generous Amount Of Foam To The Mitt & Apply In Circular Motions Take Extra Care Around Hands, Feet, Wrists & Knuckles, Buff These Areas Thoroughly After Application With The Excess Tan On The Mitt A Little Of Rose & Caramel Self Tanning Mousse Goes A Long Way – Take This In To Consideration When Applying For The First Time, Always Try 1 Layer First To Gage How Dark You Go Layering Of Our Tan Can Be Done To Get A Deeper, Darker Colour. Layering Can Be Done On The Same Day,Just Ensure Every Layer Is Dry Before Applying Your Next Coat. Alternatively, Layering Can Be Done The Next Day

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